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Functional Health Coaching

Your lifestyle and eating habits play a huge role in your over all well being.  My focus is to identify the areas within both that when modified correctly will create positive and lasting results.  Private and Group Coaching is available


The 10 Day Transformation

Reset your Metabolism.  Detox your Body.  Lose Body Fat. The 10 Day Transformation speaks for itself!  It's simple, cost efficient and highly effective! Use gift code AtomicHealth for an initial $50 dollar savings and 15-25% off of all future transformations 


Your MicroBiome: The Key to Optimal Health

Do you know why 95% of all the food we eat today is destroying our gut and is detrimental to our health?  Are you worried about getting Cancer, Alzheimer's or an auto immune disease?  This special report will show you how to PREVENT disease and OPTIMIZE your health!


Your Super Food Connection

Eating high quality food is an essential element in my clients success.  The first step in the process is knowing what to consume and why.  The second step is acquiring the right food from the best sources!  For access to a detailed Super Food Tutorial click below. 


Your Epigenetics = Your Health Future


Power Up Your Business w/ Cutting Edge Science

If you are a health professional that wants to help more people and make a bigger impact, we have something ultra special for you.  

Turn-Key Fundraising for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Give the gift of health to your supporters!  Our fundraising platform is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and FREE to all qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations.

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